Benefits Of Wet Sauna For Women

The wet sauna is the oldest kind of sauna and is the one which is based on the traditional Finnish sauna. There are many benefits of wet sauna that one can expect to experience when using a sauna. The benefits of wet sauna are actually varied and can affect our physical health and mental health as well as the health of the internal organs. Women have some different needs to men. The benefits of wet sauna may differ slightly between a man and a woman.

Detoxification And Better Circulation

Detoxification is a common benefit of wet sauna that both men and women experience. The kind of toxins in the body of a man and a woman may differ but the positive effect of detoxification is the same. Detoxification is actually caused by the accelerated heart rate that happens when a person is exposed to a high degree of heat. The heart beats faster thus making the delivery of the blood and oxygen to other parts of the body more efficient and thorough.

Menstrual Relief

These benefits of wet sauna affects women in a way inflamed joints or parts of the body can be soothed by the heat. The benefits of wet sauna are not as different between a man and a woman but the menstrual experience is entirely different. Menstrual women can experience a bloated feeling due to water retention and this can be soothed or relieved by a wet sauna visit. Caution needs to be exercised when menstruating and in a wet sauna since this can elevate the heart rate pretty fast. Women with menstruation may also have an elevated heart rate compared to those who do not.

Improved Mental Health

Better mental health is one of the many benefits of wet sauna. The relief of letting go of sweat and other worries in a sauna can actually contribute to better mental health and less stress for some people. Having a relaxing time in a sauna can help you reap the benefits of wet sauna. The relaxed state that one can achieve with the combination of bearable heat and hazy steam can actually induced a content or happy feeling which can last for some time.

Sauna medical benefits may be somewhat distorted due to the many different opinions that experts have regarding the wet sauna. It has been admitted though that there is nothing wrong with exposure to bearable heat to achieve the benefits of wet sauna.


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