Steam Sauna Bath: Make Note Of Major Differences

There are many who wonder which the better option is when it concerns choosing from between steam sauna and steam bath. As you may well be aware, a sauna is a way to bathe in which you will need to bathe in hot air and the whole concept originated in Finland. It is easy to confuse some commonly used terms such as steam bath, steam sauna and steam shower. The fact of the matter is that these terms each alludes to different things and the major point of difference is in how heat is obtained.

Gas Or Wood Heaters

When comparing steam sauna with steam bath you will find that the traditional type of sauna gets its heat while using gas or wood based heaters though there is also a different type of sauna, which is one that uses infrared heat and more particularly radiant heat is used to heat the people taking their sauna. Traditionally, when taking a sauna, air was heated and this air had to be very hot and dry which is why sauna is also referred to as a dry and hot air bath.

On the other hand, the steam bath is different and it needs to be taken on its own, and in fact, it is not wise to consider steam sauna and steam baths to be the same things. A steam bath derives its heat from a steam generator and the humidity levels are on the high side which is distinctly different than the humidity obtained while taking a sauna. The steam bath is also different in that the heat is built up to make humidity reach a hundred percent which however is less than what is obtained from a steam sauna. What’s more there is difference in temperature between steam sauna and steam bath and this difference is quite considerable as well.

When comparing steam sauna with a steam bath you will also come to realize that benefits are different in each case though both will help you to relax and unwind and they also make you sweat. In addition, they also promote better blood circulation. However, the amount of dry air that you get from a sauna will soon make you feel uncomfortable, which is not the case when taking a steam bath.

Another point of difference between steam sauna and a steam bath is that the sauna helps in detoxifying the body and it requires less labor and material than does a steam bath. For those who love steam saunas, another option worth considering is the facial steam sauna which is particularly helpful in improving the beauty and health of facial skin.

The bottom line as far as steam sauna bath goes is that both are affordable and once installed in a home will also help add value to the property.


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